Partner Institutions

By indexing policy research and advocacy content from 200+ leading institutions, Prolegis has a unique vantage on the quality of and approaches to online publishing across the public policy web.

Today, Prolegis works with leading organizations including think tanks, academic groups, advocacy groups, grassroots orgs, trade associations, and more to create and foster the adoption of best practices for online content publishing, metadata assignment, and search engine optimization, all with a view on building unique value and insights for content publishers while ensuring superior quality in platform content.

Contact us today to discuss joining Prolegis as a partner, which brings numerous free benefits and support, including:

  • Comprehensive scorecard audit of content metadata structure
  • Tailored guidance for lightweight improvements to site metadata quality
  • Hands-on support for metadata and publishing practices enhancements
  • Co-branding presence on Prolegis
  • Featured profiles for your organization’s policy experts

Data Integration

Congressional Data

On an hourly basis, Prolegis pulls bill, Member, Committee, and vote data as well as official reports from the Government Publishing Office’s bulk data repository.

Policy Institutions

Working with Prolegis to incorporate your organization’s policy research and advocacy content is easy and expedient, and helps ensure your material is imminently searchable by bearing rich metadata.

The Prolegis crawler uses an article extraction tool to find metadata from source content. Use our crawler API docs to properly format your HTML based on open standards.

Crawler API