U.S. Code Redlines

Get legal context for bill language effortlessly.

Mapping out the changes a bill makes to existing law used to be a tedious time-suck. Not anymore.

Our platform’s AI pulls the pertinent U.S. Code sections alongside the legislative text, showing you the amendatory changes, deletions, and additions proposed by the bill in an instant. Side-by-side scrolling makes it easy to distill the substance and get the context you need.

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Bill Overview

Everything important to know about a bill, all in one place.

Forget about searching three different websites to track down the basics about a bill.

Now you can see a bill’s status, committee data, sponsors, vote history, key statements, reports, and related research and advocacy...all on one single, user-friendly page.

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Policy and Advocacy Research Library

Find the latest policy analyses and advocacy easily.

When you need perspectives on a bill or background on an issue, it can be frustrating searching the web, your inbox, and other resources for relevant background info. That’s why our platform continuously indexes documents from across the policy world into a single research library.

With over two million documents from hundreds of think tanks, academics, advocacy groups, grassroots orgs, trade associations, government officials, agencies, and more, our searchable library makes it quick and easy to get policy background and advocacy context for the bills and topics on your plate.

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Issue Briefings

Get up to speed quickly on complex topics.

Sometimes all you need is a lay of the land for an issue you haven’t been tracking lately, or a primer on a topic that’s off your radar. Often, all that’s available is partisan noise or excessive detail.

Prolegis Briefings are quick, no-nonsense summaries of trending issues, including a short description, a short list of important bills, and curated recommended reading from the best of the policy web. Created by our internal analysts and outside experts, Prolegis Briefings save you precious time and keep you sharp on the issues.

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