About Us

At Prolegis, we're on a mission to inform policymaking and empower citizens to level up democracy.

Prolegis delivers free, non-partisan, world-class tools that empower policy professionals to legislate, regulate, and govern smarter while offering easy-to-use public resources which demystify government and foster a closer connection between officials and citizens.

Launched by invitation in 2020, Prolegis has rapidly grown its user base within the federal public policy community because our products save people time, surface information that is difficult to find, and make challenging tasks easier.

Why We Need You

Prolegis is a team of policy experts, technologists, former government officials, business leaders, and independent thinkers who together build uniquely powerful products and perform policy analysis within an entrepreneurial environment.

We’re long-term optimists about the role technology can play in American democracy, and short-term realists about the hard work needed to build technology worthy of such responsibility. That’s why we focus rigorously on delivering a platform which objectively presents facts, proactively surfaces conflicting perspectives, and promotes equity, mutual respect, and trust among our many stakeholders.

In everything we do, we strive to create an offering that is useful, relevant, and dependable. At heart, we believe it’s a privilege to support those doing the hard work to make our society the best expression of American ideals and to ensure our institutions are a worthy reflection of constitutional values.

Whatever brings you here and wherever you come from, Prolegis is a place where extraordinary, independent, and diverse minds come together to build great things for a common purpose. We seek talented individuals from all backgrounds and provide generous compensation, equity, and benefits for those who choose to join us on our mission.

Please explore our openings below. We hope to hear from you.

Current Openings