• 1. Unite all the knowledge in the policy ecosystem, making it easy to find basic facts as well as complex analyses of legislative, regulatory, and governmental information and actions.
  • 2. Deliver, for free, insight and context for complex legislation and regulations, leveling the policy knowledge and expertise gap between outside policy experts, professional influencers, government employees, and the American public.
  • 3. Boost the capacity of both the government and the electorate to marshall objective information within policy debates, diminishing the issues framing and advantages of persuasion that professional influencers, special interests, and bad actors hold over civic decision-making.


  • 1. The core Prolegis product offering is and will always be free to access.
  • 2. Prolegis is a stridently non-partisan organization, and we work proactively to maintain ideological neutrality in the delivery of our products, technology, and content.
  • 3. We clearly demarcate sponsored content where it’s featured in the platform, and we work with advertising partners whose messages we deem to be valuable, honest, and useful to our audiences.
  • 4. User privacy is paramount, and we protect users’ sensitive personal information zealously. We do not - nor will we ever - sell any personal information to any third party. We work only with highly trusted, industry-leading technology components to support the delivery of our products. Here is a list of all our stack components as well as their privacy and accountability policies.
  • 5. The Prolegis portal contains zero unverified user accounts and information sources.


Brian Overland
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A progressive proponent and first-time founder, Brian brings fifteen years of startup and entrepreneurial marketing experience to Prolegis.

As an early employee at Sunrun (NASDAQ:RUN), Brian launched innovative home solar energy offerings that have become the industry standard. As the head of product marketing at Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH), Brian grew market share for cutting-edge technology on three continents. Brian has served as a consultant to numerous startups, growth companies, and venture funds on their marketing programs and strategies.

The liberal politics and do-it-yourself spirit of Brian’s hometown of Missoula, MT forged his belief in the progressive promise of fairness, opportunity, and justice for all, and fostered his desire to build solutions to difficult problems.

Brian holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Gregg Nunziata
Co-Founder, Chief Policy Officer, and General Counsel

A lawyer and public policy professional, Gregg is a passionately independent conservative voice who frequently provides legal and political commentary in a variety of national media outlets. He has regularly appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News and been quoted and interviewed in print publications such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Politico.

Gregg has two decades of experience in advocacy and government service, including nearly a decade of experience as a Republican Senate staffer with stints in senior roles on a prominent committee, in leadership, and for a high-profile Member and presidential candidate. Between these periods of public service Gregg also worked at leading legal and consulting firms. He passionately believes that legislative staffers deserve the type of technological and research support that law firm lawyers -- and lobbyists -- take for granted.

Gregg is a graduate of Georgetown University, the University of Chicago Law School, and the Wharton School of Business.

Jeff Blasius
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

An engineering leader and serial entrepreneur, Jeff brings fifteen years of building successful products and engineering teams.

As CTO and Co-Founder of SeeClickFix.com (acquired in 2019), Jeff brought disruptive technology to local municipalities all over the world. After leaving SeeClickFix in 2015, he has led large and small engineering teams in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and abroad.

Jeff has professional leadership experience in DevOps, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, search, and data engineering.

Jeff holds a BS and MS from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he wrote software for deep ocean exploration. At Yale University, Jeff was involved with academic and IT operations for Yale’s High Performance Computing group.